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ABS IMD In Mould Decoration Panel Injection Molded With PET Film

10K pcs
ABS IMD In Mould Decoration Panel Injection Molded With PET Film
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Surface Finish: High Gloss
Advantage: All In One Solution
Material: ABS + PET
Plastic Modling Type: Forming Mold, Cutting Mold,Injection Mold
Process: In Mould Decoration
Logo: Various Patterns And Colors Can Be Customized And Never Fade

ABS IMD In Mould Decoration


IMD In Mould Decoration Panel

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: SHENZHEN,CHINA
Brand Name: HXSIMD
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO16949/45001
Model Number: IMD-262
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Packaging methods that prevent crushing, moisture, and high temperatures
Delivery Time: 12 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 3000 Pieces per Day
Product Description

IMD Panel Pink High Gloss Exterior ABS Material Surface Injection Molded With PET Film


IMD Panel  Product Features:

1. Featuring bright colors and elegant appearance

2. It also has characteristics such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, and durability, and is lightweight, highly plastic, and elastic.

3. The surface has high smoothness, is wear-resistant and not easy to scratch, and the color on the surface is always bright and fresh.

4. It is made using a spray free process with high production capacity, fast delivery, stable quality, and eliminates common quality pain points in traditional spray painting processes

5. There is a certain difference in mold design compared to regular injection molding, and the mold cost will be higher because two more sets of molds have been produced

6. There is no difference between the material of the mold and the injection molding machine used in ordinary injection molding processes

7. The IMD process mainly has certain limitations and requirements on raw materials. As the temperature that the membrane can withstand in the injection molding machine cavity generally cannot exceed 300 degrees Celsius, there are certain requirements for the melting point temperature of plastic raw materials. Generally, only low-temperature materials such as PC and ABS are selected

8. If you have any further questions, please feel free to consult us. Thank you


IMD Panel Product Properties:

Product size 200*150*30mm
Product material PC+PET
Product unit price $3.4
MOQ 10K pcs
Mold Type Injection mold+formming mold+cutting mold=3
Mold  time 28 Work Days
Mold material S136
Mold Life Guaranteed warranty within 500000 times
Daily production capacity 4K pcs
Tonnage of injection molding machine 250T


IMD Panel process introduction:

In Mold Decoration(IMD): use PET film coated on the surface as the carrier to print ink pattern layer, adhesive and ink curing on the printing surface. Then it is heated and baked for hot pressing forming and trimming. Put the shaped PET film into the injection mold cavity through manual or mechanical hand to fill the plastic, and melt the adhesive to bond the PET film with the ink pattern layer to form a whole with the plastic under high temperature.

Expansion area:

In addition to PET materials, it can also be cloth, PU leather, wood chips, bamboo chips and other sheet materials


IMD Panel  product process:

1.Sheet cutting: cut a whole roll of sheet into small pieces

2.Pre-baking: the purpose is to eliminate the stress inside the sheet and make the sheet stretch

3.Printing: print different patterns on the diaphragm

4.Ink curing: curing the ink on the sheet to make the ink highly integrated with the sheet

5.Punching: punch holes in the diaphragm to fix the diaphragm for the next process

6.Cutting: cut the diaphragm into smaller pieces

7.Diaphragm forming: mold the diaphragm into product shape

9.Edge cutting and material removal: cut off the excess edge material

10.In-mold injection molding: put the molded diaphragm into the mold of the injection molding machine to inject plastic

11.Water outlet: remove excess plastic

12.Inspection and packaging:Conduct a comprehensive inspection on the finished products to confirm that the quality is qualified, and then pack them for shipment


IMD Panel product  customization process:

1. The customer provides IMD PARTS data, including the designed three-level diagram and ID effect diagram;

2. Evaluate and confirm the drawings;

3. Both parties sign the mold contract;

4. Pay the first payment of the mold;

5. Start mold production;

6. Proofing;

7. Confirm the sample;

8. Sign order contract;

9. Pay the first payment of the order and the last payment of the mold;

10. Production;

11. Deliver the goods and pay the balance of the order at the same time


Why choose us

We are the first professional IMD PARTS manufacturer in China,Founded in 2009, the company's industrial park covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, has a high-precision dust-free workshop, and has nearly 100 excellent management personnel, 35 engineering and technical personnel, 50 quality personnel, a total of nearly 500 employees, more than 500 injection molding equipment, and a monthly production capacity of nearly 15 million pieces; From engineering research and development to mold production, diaphragm printing, diaphragm molding, diaphragm injection molding, inspection and packaging, there is a complete process production process.

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Full-process dust-free workshop operation

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Full-process dust-free workshop operation

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Our company has won the honors of high-growth enterprise, industry benchmark enterprise, contract-abiding and creditworthy enterprise, high-tech enterprise, etc

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HXS has become a long-term partner of more than ten top 100 enterprises in the world

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