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 Shenzhen HXS Technology Co., Ltd:

 We are the first professional IMD PARTS manufacturer in China,Founded in 2009, the company's industrial park covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, has a high-precision dust-free workshop, and has nearly 100 excellent management personnel, 35 engineering and technical personnel, 50 quality personnel, a total of nearly 500 employees, more than 500 injection molding equipment, and a monthly production capacity of nearly 15 million pieces; From engineering research and development to mold production, diaphragm printing, diaphragm molding, diaphragm injection molding, inspection and packaging, there is a complete process production process.


Shenzhen HXS Technology Co., Ltd.


In Mold Decoration process introduction:

In Mold Decoration(IMD): use PET film coated on the surface as the carrier to print ink pattern layer, adhesive and ink curing on the printing surface. Then it is heated and baked for hot pressing forming and trimming. Put the shaped PET film into the injection mold cavity through manual or mechanical hand to fill the plastic, and melt the adhesive to bond the PET film with the ink pattern layer to form a whole with the plastic under high temperature.

Expansion area:

In addition to PET materials, it can also be cloth, PU leather, wood chips, bamboo chips and other sheet materials


Full-process dust-free workshop operation

Shenzhen HXS Technology Co., Ltd.


Full-process dust-free workshop operation

Shenzhen HXS Technology Co., Ltd.


Our company has won the honors of high-growth enterprise, industry benchmark enterprise, contract-abiding and creditworthy enterprise, high-tech enterprise, etc

Shenzhen HXS Technology Co., Ltd.


HXS has become a long-term partner of more than ten top 100 enterprises in the world

Shenzhen HXS Technology Co., Ltd.



12 employees, 2 injection molding machines
• the delivery cycle of four-color printing products was
shortened from 30 days to 3 days to solve the industry
pain point of long delivery cycle



100 employees, 9 injection molding machines
• annual turnover of 20million yuan
• the business is mainly in the mobile phone industry



• transform into the mobile phone protective case and glasses industry
• solve the pain points of poor adhesion of the diaphragm in the process of
glasses leg covering beer • the number of injection molding machines increased to 16, with 180
• annual turnover of 30million yuan



developed cloth covering, leather covering, solid wood covering, pc+tpu covering
and surface self-healing functions for the protective sleeve industry. • obtain the exclusive new process supply right of Incipio
• the number of injection molding machines increased to 25, with more than 240
• annual turnover of more than 60million yuan



• introduced BYD, Xinwangda, Samsung, LG and other well-known enterprises
• entered the e-cigarette industry, leading the e-cigarette appearance decoration
• 30 injection molding machines with more than 300 employees
• annual turnover of more than 90 million yuan
• add high-pressure forming workshop to solve the difficulties of IMD process in the
application of large radian products



developed IMT and IMR processes for the sweeper industry. Developed composite
materials for the electronic cigarette industry and introduced full-automatic production
• enter the smart door lock industry and become the core supplier of Xiaomi smart
door lock. Obtained 16949 certification and entered the automotive field
• the number of injection molding machines increased to 40, with more than 400
• won the top 10 high growth enterprises in Longgang District in 2019
• turnover of 200million



• New customers in the beauty instrument industry, who are all the top three in the industry

• Provide accessories for BYD, a leading new energy vehicle enterprise 


We are an OEM factory specializing in manufacturing IMD plastic parts . So our customers are usually companies that produce finished products, or brand companies, or design companies, etc. We will evaluate and optimize the product drawings sent by the customer, then help the customer make the mold, and purchase the diaphragm from the supplier at the same time. We will print the diaphragm, then mold the diaphragm, finally conduct plastic injection molding, and then conduct further inspection, packaging and shipping to the customer.

Our Team

Our company has the most powerful technical team in the industry, including more than 30 senior engineers and more than 20 professional quality engineers. There are about 80 management personnel and nearly 500 workers in the production line.

Shenzhen HXS Technology Co., Ltd.

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