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Production Line

Printing workshop: The printing department of HXS can provide services including  ink modulation, screen printing, color printing, etc., which can fully meet customers' requirements for various pattern effects. We have 4 automatic printing lines, 16 semi-automatic printing machines and 38 printing department staff, including 30 printing operators, 2 printing supervisors and 6 quality inspectors.


Molding workshop: HXS's forming workshop includes more than 80 sets of hot-press forming equipment, 4 sets of high-pressure forming equipment, and more than 20 sets of supporting equipment required for diaphragm forming . With more than 80 employees, the production capacity is 500000 pieces per day.


Plastic injection molding workshop: HXS's injection molding workshop is a 10000-class dust-free injection molding workshop, including 63 injection molding machines with different tonnage, ranging from 80 to 380, which can flexibly meet the requirements for injection molding of different product sizes. There are automatic injection molding and semi-automatic injection molding. The injection molding workshop has nearly 140 employees, divided into day shift and night shift.


Inspection and packaging workshop: the inspection and packaging workshop of HXS is the last pass to ensure the quality of products before shipment. It is the process of further comprehensive inspection and packaging of products produced previously. Try to ensure that every product is good.


Mold production workshop: The company has its own mold workshop, mainly for mold production and repair. It includes more than 50 sets of equipment, such as wire cutting, spark machine, CNC, lathe, milling machine and 3D. The mold department has 38 employees. It can produce 60 sets of moulds per month.


Shenzhen HXS Technology Co., Ltd. factory production line 0

Shenzhen HXS Technology Co., Ltd. factory production line 1


Note: The pictures you see are only a small part of us. If you want to see the whole picture, you can ask us for the panoramic short video of each workshop.




  We are a professional OEM factory, processing IMD plastic parts. We have a complete set of IMD plastic parts processing processes, from mold production, to film processing, to film printing, to molded film, film injection molding, inspection and packaging, and so on.


  We do OEM for many large brands, such as Huawei, Samsung, Siemens, Xiaomi, SMOK, Midea, Philips, etc.


  Our OEM level is famous for its efficiency and high quality. Because we have learned the business management methods of Germany and Japan, and combined with the situation of the Chinese people, we have developed a set of suitable business management methods.


  Through about 20 years of hard work, we have made some achievements. We have obtained some patents on process optimization and formulated some industrial standards to guide the healthy development of the industry.


We are an enterprise that attaches importance to product innovation. We have designed and developed many excellent processes and products, such as IMD double-sided film covering, surface leather covering, surface cloth covering, surface wood covering, IMD double-color injection molding, IMD color changing, IMD gradient, etc.

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