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Mold IMD Printing Scratch Resistant Phone Battery Covers Electroplating

5000 pcs
Mold IMD Printing Scratch Resistant Phone Battery Covers Electroplating
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Surface Finish: High Gloss
Advantage: All In One Solution
Material: PC+PMMA
Plastic Modling Type: Form Mold+CNC
Process: In Mold Decoration
Logo: Never Fade

Mold IMD Printing


IMD Printing Scratch Resistant


Phone Battery Covers Electroplating

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: SHENZHEN,CHINA
Brand Name: HXSIMD
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO16949
Model Number: IMD-180
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard packing (43cm*33cm*36cm, 10KG)
Delivery Time: 12 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 3000 Pieces per Day
Product Description

PC+PMMA Composite Board Color Gradient Pattern Electroplating Effect Wear-Resistant And Scratch Resistant


The advantages of using composite boards as phone battery covers are as follows:


Low cost:

Composite panels are made by co extrusion of PMMA and PC, and can achieve excellent glass like effects after surface treatment. Similar to glass, composite panels can also be made into 3D shapes. After precise texture decoration, the visual effect is very similar to 3D glass cover plates, but the price is lower. The hardness of the finished product can reach 4H/1000G, which can fully meet the testing requirements of mobile phone cover plates.


Having both advantages:

PMMA is a transparent organic glass with high transparency, heat resistance, good chemical resistance, and high mechanical strength, while PC has characteristics such as impact resistance, weather resistance, and good formability. This composite material can combine the advantages of both, possessing both transparency and durability, as well as high impact resistance.


Meets the need for wireless charging without shielding:

Wireless charging technology requires the transmission of electromagnetic waves between the battery and the phone, and composite plates can be used as a material for the battery cover because they can pass through wireless waves, thus meeting the needs of wireless charging. At the same time, due to the excellent conductivity of the composite board itself, it can also be used to manufacture shielding materials, reducing the interference of electromagnetic waves on other components of mobile phones.


Having plastic impact resistance:

Due to the main components of composite panels being plastic and glass, they have similar impact resistance to plastic. This material is relatively lightweight and durable, which can provide some protection when the phone falls off.

In summary, using composite panels as phone battery covers has the advantages of low cost, combining both advantages, and meeting the needs of wireless charging without shielding.


The production process of composite board mobile phone cover plates is described as follows:


One cleaning: Use a flat plate cleaning machine to clean the surface of purchased PMMA and PC boards for subsequent UV transfer processing, without adding any chemicals during cleaning.


UV transfer printing: First, apply a layer of UV transfer adhesive to PMMA and PC boards, use a UV transfer machine to print the desired pattern on the surface of the adhesive, and then solidify the adhesive in a UV furnace.


Vacuum deposition: put the semi-finished products after UV transfer into a vacuum deposition machine to coat a layer of alloy film. The principle of vacuum deposition is: vacuum deposition technology is to place the articles to be coated in the vacuum chamber, and then use the phenomenon of low-voltage gas discharge to establish a ring magnetic target on the cathode target surface to control the movement of secondary electrons, The secondary electrons generated by ion bombardment on the target surface are accelerated by the electric field in the dark area of the cathode and fly towards the anode (i.e. the object to be plated), causing the splashed particles to accumulate on the object to be plated.


Screen printing and drying: The required patterns are printed on the surface of the semi-finished product using semi-automatic screen printing machines and roll to roll screen printing machines, and then dried and solidified in an IR furnace, oven, etc.


High pressure forming: The dried semi-finished product is heated and softened (at a temperature of about 180 ℃) using Xintai Ming high-pressure forming machine, and then pressed into the desired shape through pressure.


Laser processing: According to the requirements of the process, the high-pressure formed semi-finished product is carved with stripes or cut using a laser machine.


CNC machining: Drilling and trimming of laser processed semi-finished products using CNC CNC machine tools.


Secondary cleaning: Clean semi-finished products using an ultrasonic cleaning machine.


UV bonding (partial): Due to the process requirements of some products, a layer of UV bonding adhesive is applied to the surface of some semi-finished products through a UV bonding machine, and then bonded to the purchased PET board.


Inspection: products are inspected manually or by anime equipment.


Packaging: The finished product is packaged manually.


The core technologies and key characteristics of composite sheet back cover products are as follows:


1. Adopting advanced nanotechnology, the surface is very smooth, and the surface is coated with electroplated AF coating to prevent fingerprints and oil stains from adhering easily and being easily erased.


2. Wear resistant and scratch resistant, with a 9H ultra strong hardness, effectively resisting sharp objects and scratches, without scratches, making it more transparent.


3. After being treated with electroplating oil drainage and drainage technology, the water droplets fall onto the surface at an angle of>105 °, and the panel automatically falls off when tilted.


4. Various colors (colors can be customized according to customer requirements).


Why choose us

We are the first professional IMD PARTS manufacturer in China,Founded in 2009, the company's industrial park covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, has a high-precision dust-free workshop, and has nearly 100 excellent management personnel, 35 engineering and technical personnel, 50 quality personnel, a total of nearly 500 employees, more than 500 injection molding equipment, and a monthly production capacity of nearly 15 million pieces; From engineering research and development to mold production, diaphragm printing, diaphragm molding, diaphragm injection molding, inspection and packaging, there is a complete process production process.

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Full-process dust-free workshop operation

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Full-process dust-free workshop operation

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Our company has won the honors of high-growth enterprise, industry benchmark enterprise, contract-abiding and creditworthy enterprise, high-tech enterprise, etc

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HXS has become a long-term partner of more than ten top 100 enterprises in the world

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